iflight kiss FC

Iflight KISS Flight Controller + Usb Adapter OSD/BLHeli flash

We are happy to introduce this new Kiss iFlight AIO Flight Control which is licensed by Flyduino company,as we guys all know how amazing the Kiss FC and ESC performance,it features super stable,smooth operation.

The KISS FC was designed to simplify things for pilots who just want the important things in a Flight Controller. While other FC Firmwares are complicated and have a million parameters to change, the KISS FC was intended to follow the Keep It Super Simple philosophy and remove all the unneccessary extras and clutter so the FW is a new beast from the ground up. Sporting a whole new PID controller and simple GUI with only one setup page, the KISS FC gets you in the air quickly and flies amazingly. 


-OSD integrated
-BEC:5V 2A
-Supported RX types: Sum. Signal - Spektrum Sat. (Serial / DSM2 & DSMX)
-Futaba / Taranis SBUS - Jeti ExBus - Graupner SumD / SumO - Multiplex - classic RX - PWM
-Weight: 5.5g
-Mounting Holes: 30.5x30.5mm pattern, with 3.2mm holes (widely compatible)
-Voltage: 2-6S


Package included:

- 1 x Kiss iFlight AIO flight controller
- Battery cable
- USB/OSD module(to tune ESC and OSD) 
- cables 



Firmware OSX BLOG

KISS Iflight Flight Controller AIO

€ 39,95

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    Sergei (zaterdag, 01 december 2018 13:35)

    Yes! That is possible.

  • #2

    Jarith (zaterdag, 01 december 2018 05:24)

    Hello I was just wondering if this unit can work with 6s batteries and blhelli esc's

  • #1

    Ferdi (donderdag, 21 juni 2018 06:22)

    Super fijne flight controller, geeft je echt dat Kiss vlieg gevoel met de voordelen van een pdb en osd.