Motor XING X2306 2-4S FPV NextGen Motor 2750KV

Product Description

The Iflight XING series motor is designed and named by FPV pilot & specialist Patrick Xing.

Combining Iflight's high-quality motor production technology with Patrick Xing's technical expertise,

a top-of-the-line motor has been produced.


Iflight XING provides the most incredible power and thrust in the lightest weight.

The elliptical body, powerful stator with N52H magnets and very small air gap makes iFlight XING

series motor incredible new style motors.


iFlight continues the tradition of making the best and most suitable products to offer different size and KV

value to meet different pilot's needs.


The 4mm Titanium alloy shaft and high-quality N52H magnets surrounded by high-temperature

resistant windiings.

There's a non-slip design on the contact surface of the XING motor and proppellers to increase

the friction and to improve durability; Multi-heat dissipation hole design helps to pull heat away



Standard M3 16mm*16mm mounting pattern at the bottom,adapt to all frames on the market.


Motor cable length 160mm can meet different requirements whether connecting single or

4in1 esc.

Each motor has been dynamic balanced, all of them have passed the highest standard iFlight

manufacturing and assembling procedure.




* Elliptical body, high-strength Titanium alloy shaft

*Large heat dissipation holes design (15℃ reduced compared to same range motor)

* Crush resistant damping bearing, eliminate vibration effectively

* 50%-80% optimal throttle output, best efficiency

* 160mm cable length for different frames and setups

* CNC high-precision machining 7075 aluminum Bell and Base

* 220℃ Pacific Heat-Resistant Copper Wire, Solid Wire Winding

* Electromagnetically matched magnets and stator

* Japanese Kawasaki 1200 Iron Core

* N52H High-temperature magnets

* Motor wire protected 

* Hex bolt shaft set screw

* Dynamically balanced

* 32.9g with wires


Package included:

- XING 2306 Motor * 1pc

- Hardware set * 1 bag



Motor XING X2306 2-4S FPV NextGen Motor 2750KV

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